In Memory of Tim Mooney

We first met Tim when we sold him an extra MTR-90 auto locator remote. It's strange to look back and see him standing there in the very room so many years later he'd be recording in here at Ausgang Audio. From that first meeting forward, we crossed paths with Tim, Jude & Dixie at every thrift store, garage sale, & cafe we frequented .... turned out we had an unbelievable amount of shared favorites here in Petaluma. We were fortunate to become friends and piece by piece uncover the incredible depth of Tim's musical history, talent, and amazing character. As one of the humblest people, Tim rarely talked about any of his lengthy accomplishments. Only over years of friendship were we able to uncover the depths, and we feel like we are still learning!

When we started doing late night wiring sessions mid-week in our workshop, the handmade cables and tinkering concept of "Dark Arts Audio" quickly transpired into combining forces with Tim for one incredible studio. It's pretty inspiring to look back over the past 9 months and see all that we accomplished together: the integration of Closer Recording, the entire overhaul & refinement of Ausgang Audio, and the unbelievable art created here in just a few months. And we were just getting started, too ....

We're blessed to have met Tim's collaborators that came through during this time at our studio ... exceptional artists and exceptional people — further corroboration of Tim's own incredible personage. We can't express deeply enough the gratitude in how Tim changed our lives. He was the most thoughtful and caring friend: a part of our family over here. One of the absolutely coolest people you could hope to meet and a true one-of-a-kind, uniquely creative, endlessly talented producer, engineer, and musician.

As the encouraging friend and confidence-inducing optimist that Tim always was, he'd often say, "It'll be OK." We can hear him saying it over and over again. He'd probably be saying it now.  But it's impossible to conceive of our world without him. Tim Mooney, you will always be a part of us, our dreams, and our hearts.
- Cara LP & Justin Millar
Ausgang Audio

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  1. Tim was such a unique character. You could just tell he knew his shit, yet he was so humble. Only found out the breadth of his work through Justin and Cara when he wasn't around. Definitely a really cool dood and fun to be around. He will be missed...

    1. Thanks Paul! Tim adored working on Dark Arts with you & the gang, and endeared it as a "boys club." Really great times!

  2. Thank you so much for your posting in memory of Tim. He loved working in his new space and it helped to lesson the sadness and stress of having to close his S.F. studio. I also loved the photos you included. I'd like to use a couple of them for the story board I'm making for his celebration picnic on July 8. Tim was a very special man and I'm so glad to hear that others saw that in him as well.

    Hope to meet you soon.

    Pat Finlay (Tim's mom)